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609 washington street
columbus indiana 47201


w/ is a collaborative platform, curated and produced by Jonathan Nesci, that fosters new relationships between art, design, and industry.

w/, founded in 2018, formalizes and further defines a practice in motion since 2006. Work that has been realized through the dedication and care of friends, craftsmen, engineers, patrons, clients, promoters, and fabricators has always been created “with” these communities. This platform will broaden, nurture, and celebrate these relationships—encouraging creatives to be free to play, explore, and expand the knowledge of materials and processes—while highlighting the people and talents that bring these considered objects into being. 

jonathan nesci


Jonathan (b. Chicago, Ill., 1981) is a furniture and exhibition designer and the founder of w/ in Columbus, Indiana. He works with a variety of producers in the Midwest that use conventional and digital fabrication processes to execute his designs in a myriad of materials and finishes. In 2009, Wallpaper honored Nesci with a Design Award for Best Use of Material for his Library Bookcase, a wall-mounted shelf in polished aluminum that was recently added to the permanent collection of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Nesci also serves as associate curator for Exhibit Columbus, an annual program that cultivates the design heritage of the city via biennial cycles of exhibitions and symposia through explorations of architecture, art, design, and community to promote using design to make people and cities stronger.